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Fulvic Terra Aquatica by GHE

Fulvic is a product of Terra Aquatica. Although the presence of fertilizer in the soil is sometimes reduced, growth continues thanks to the action of the chains of humic and fulvic acid particles which distribute the fertilizers to the surrounding vegetation and facilitate the absorption of nutritional elements at the root level.

Fulvic is a mixture of these substances which particularly favors the fulvic acid content, although it also contains many humic acids to which it owes its slightly brownish colour.

Millions of years ago, plants and animals were buried during various geological upheavals of our planet and transformed according to the ecological cycles of life. Buried several thousand meters deep and transformed into coal, some of these deposits formed the "Diamond". Others were pushed to the surface during the ice age and constitute what we now call "Leonardite".

In the deepest part of the ancient lands of New Mexico, an extraordinary deposit of Leonardite has formed. This deposit contains natural organic elements that have been transformed into compost over millennia and which are easily usable by plants. It is used with caution and natural compounds called Humus are extracted.

Soluble humus (group of fulvic and humic acids) contains not only components that enrich the nutrient solution, but also a multitude of growth-promoting elements.


It improves the plant's ability to absorb nutritional elements by converting them into easily assimilable particles.
It releases nutrients to all parts of the plant: roots, stems, foliage, flowers and fruits.
It offers growers the benefits of a natural organic element in a liquid state.
In hydroponics and soilless it helps to create an environment even more similar to that of the earth.


Fulvic is an additive to be used in combination with complete fertilizers. Integrated into conventional nutritional programs it will give vigorous plants and early and abundant harvests. The quality of taste and aroma to which we have accustomed you will remain unchanged.

Apply Fulvic to all cultivated plants: ornamental, culinary and medicinal, fruit, vegetables, trees, etc. Use it in hydroponics, soilless and soilless, in nutrient solution or in foliar application.

Add 2 - 3 ml/L to the nutrient solution during all growth cycles.

Fulvic is an acid, it will lower the pH of your solution. Pour it into the water before adjusting the pH level.

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