Terra Aquatica by GHE Silicate ex Mineral Magic

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Terra Aquatica by GHE Silicate ex Mineral Magic

Silicate, product of Terra Aquatica , is a natural silicate powder, particularly important in hydroponic and soilless cultivation, as it allows you to provide a fundamental element for the growth of the plant, generally missing in the soil, namely silica. Silicate is suitable for all cultivation methods: hydroponic, soilless and in soil.


    • The multiplicity of elements that Silicate contains stimulates the growth of beneficial microorganisms, thus allowing the creation of a natural environment for the growth of even healthier plants.

    • It introduces a soluble form of Silicate which penetrates the cells of the plant, strengthening its structure and allowing it to better resist attacks from diseases and insects.

    • The natural colloids contained in Silicate intensify the exchange of cations in the nutrient solution and increase the availability of nutritional elements.

    • Stabilizes the pH and conductivity level, reducing stress conditions for the plant and stimulating faster growth.

    • Silicate provides the plant with silicate and over 70 minerals to optimize plant nutrition, strengthen their structure and help stabilize the pH level in the nutrient solution.

Silicate is an essential element for plants, especially for growing in water. Silicate contains biological substances coming from ancient marine deposits and also natural clay based on silicic acid.


Add Silicate to the water in your tank or sprinkle it at the feet of your hydroponic or soilless plants. In the soil, sprinkle at the foot of the plants. Follow label directions and consult fertilizer application charts. It can be used throughout the life of your plants, hydroponics and soil.


In hydroponics, do not use Silicate together with microorganisms (BM & SubCulture). The combination is counterproductive as, in water, silicon transforms into silicic acid which hinders the development of beneficial colonies. On the contrary, mixed into soil in the form of powder, the broad spectrum of Silicate microelements stimulates the proliferation of beneficial organisms which favor the creation of a natural environment, ideal for the healthy growth of plants.

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