Terra Aquatica by GHE Finalpart ex Ripen

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Final Part Terra Aquatica by GHE

Final part produced by the Terra Aquatica laboratories, is the end-of-flowering fertilizer used to develop massive, consistent and fragrant flowers in the last week of the plants' life. The Final part allows you to bring the harvest of your plants to maturity more quickly.

When growing hydroponically, ad hoc tools are needed at every stage of cultivation. “Ripening” is the process that makes the fruits ripe and ends with the flowering or maturation of the plant, a rather long phase that can become shorter thanks to indoor cultivation tools. The effectiveness of this nourishment allows for rapid maturation in a healthy and ecological way.


Whatever fertilizer is used during the life of the plant. Use the Final part in the last 10 days of flowering, dilute in water with adjusted pH (5.5-6.5).


4-5 ml per liter of water. Final part is an acidic product, so pour it into the water before adjusting the pH level.

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