Grotank 205 NFT Nutriculture


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Grotank 205 NFT Nutriculture

The Gro-Tank 205 is Nutriculture's NFT system. The "nutrient film technique" allows you to grow plants by spraying the roots through a thin film of nutrient solution that flows beneath the root system.

Ideal for bringing some cuttings or small plants to maturity. The limited height of the tanks (max 20.5 cm) makes these systems ideal for use in small spaces; the manufacturer has specialized in growing both in outdoor and indoor greenhouses, becoming a sector leader in the Anglo-Saxon market.

Grotank Contents:

  • instruction manual in Italian
  • irrigation system with pump
  • spreader mat for rooting
  • pH test and 250 ml pH-liquid
  • Measurements 20.5cm x 70cm x 39cm

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