Complete growbox 100cmx100cmx200cm HPS 400w Cooltube Professional


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Complete growbox 100cmx100cmx200cm HPS 400w Cooltube Professional

Complete professional growbox with Cooltube bulb cooling system, this solution allows you to have a 100% complete kit built for maximum performance with a large work space at a promotional price, this growroom set up in this way is already built to be a stable solution that can be used for a long time, also increasing knowledge and skills.

To get started you just need the seeds.

The equipment is top and does not require other accessories

The Kit Includes:

1 Growbox 100cm x 100cm x H 200cm

1 Bulb 400w HPS AGRO version (Growth and Flowering) 2100K

1 Ballast 400w for HPS/MH Bulbs

1 Cooltube 120 reflector

1 Ballast Reflector connection cable

1 connection cable with plug

1 pair of 34kg reflector pulleys

1 x Professional 24 Hour Timer

1 VKO aspirator diameter 100mm

1 TT extractor diameter 125mm

1 activated carbon filter diameter 125mm with adequate flow rate

5 m pipe diameter 125mm

4 125mm steel hose clamps

1 digital hygrothermometer with Max/Min temperature and humidity storage

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