GSE 2 channel Digital Fancontroller


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GSE Digital Fancontroller

The digital GSE Fancontroller is a temperature, humidity, minimum speed and pressure regulator, capable of modulating the speed of extraction and introduction of air based on the temperature and humidity desired in the environment. GSE Digital Fancontroller is equipped with two power sockets dedicated respectively to the extractor (FAN1) and the introducer (FAN2).

The GSE Fancontroller maintains the desired temperature and humidity values ​​of the environment while simultaneously ensuring that the environment remains with a negative pressure inside, this to allow all the air to be extracted and that any odors cannot escape.

It is simple to use: to program the temperature, humidity and desired under pressure (expressed as a % between the extraction and introduction power) just operate three knobs.

This appliance is supplied ready for use and does not require wiring. The aspirators are connected via Schuko sockets. The combined temperature-humidity sensor operates at low voltage and is therefore perfect for very humid environments. The length of the sensor cable is 4 meters, it can possibly be extended up to 50 meters.


Packaging: 160x100x90 mm
Fan controller: 130x80x70 mm
Maximum load: 2x600W Volts: 230V 50Hz
Digital sensor: 5V - measures temperatures from -55°C up to +125°C (-67°F to +257°F)
accuracy: 0.5°C from -10C up to +85°C
Protection class: IP54

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