Hesi Powerzyme Complex

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Hesi Power Zyme

HESI Power Zyme is a soil supplement based on Trichoderma cultures (so-called ascomycete, or tube-shaped fungus) that decomposes the cellulose of dead plant parts and transforms them into reusable grape sugars.
This grape sugar serves as nourishment for the roots and the flora of the soil and roots.

HESI Power Zyme creates an oxygen-rich environment around the roots by preventing rot and improving the biological balance and interacts in the soil and root flora between the plant, the substrate and the microorganisms present therein.


    • HESI Power Zyme is suitable for all types of crops.

    • Content: >20% Cellulase extract from Trichoderma viride.


all types of plants / crops 2ml / liter
use 1-2 times a week


    • Shake well before use.

    • It can be added via the water supply or sprayed directly on the plant.

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