Hesi Super Vit

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Hesi Super Vit

Hesi SuperVit is a concentrate of 15 vitamins and 10 amino acids , which improve the metabolism and health of the plant, ensuring more vigorous growth and richer flowering.
Vitamins and amino acids are vital substances and promote the production of hormones, enzymes and chlorophyll. These elements are produced naturally by the plant, but with the use of Hesi SuperVit these substances are immediately available to the plant, which absorbs them more quickly, saving time and energy, promoting growth and flowering, robustness and optimal health.
The enormous advantages of using Hesi SuperVit are found in increased flower production , better light absorption and faster metabolism.

Hesi SuperVit activates growth and flowering hormones and is suitable for every moment of the plant's life cycle.


    • soil, coconut and hydroponics.


a DROP of SuperVit for 4.5L (=1ml for 65L)


    • It can be added via the water supply or sprayed directly on the plant.

    • Do not use in excessive doses!

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