Expert Advice Soft Soap 490 ml


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Organic antiparasitic soft soap

The Soft Soap produced by EXPERT ADVICE represents the number one enemy of scale insects, exclusively phytomythous insects (an organism that feeds on plant sap by sucking it directly from the sieve vessels) and constitute one of the most important groups of harmful insects.


It exerts an indirect action against sooty mold, as it favors the dissolution of the honeydew produced by insects (aphids, scale insects, aleuroids, thrips). Ready-to-use trigger bottle: Solution of potassium salts of fatty acids K 0.02%.


Spray on the vegetation at a distance of 20-30 cm, spraying evenly.


Distribute before periods of strong sunlight.


Plan for 2-3 treatments 7-10 days apart. Treat in the coolest hours of the day, do not mix with microelements. Can be used all year round.


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