Complete Kit Lumatek Ballast Dimmable 315W CMH Bulb CMH 315w Agro reflector Daisy 80cm


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Complete Lumatek Dimmable Ballast Kit + CMH 315 Bulb + 80cm Daisy Reflector



Lumatek has come up with this reliable smart digital power supply that has been successfully used in cultivation facilities around the world.

Using square wave technology to efficiently ignite and operate 315W ceramic metal halide lamps (also known as CMH/CDM/LEC), this ballast offers full spectrum output with less energy consumed, lower production of light temperature, more light umol (PAR) and more UV-A and UV-B than traditional HID/HPS/MH devices.

CMH technology creates high energy PAR/PPF levels with full spectrum low heat that is closer to sunlight and produces healthier plant growth and higher yield.

With a CRI (color rendering index) >90%, CMH is perfect for growing high-quality produce and extracting essential oils.

The newly added control functionality allows you to intelligently monitor room temperatures, light timing, automation, safety control and dimming by connecting a control unit.

Output power 315W
Input voltage 220-240 V 50/60 Hz
Input current (max) 1.40A
Input power 334W
Power factor 0.98
Efficiency 95%
Voltage range 185 to 275 V
THD <10%
Dimming 50% -60% -70% - 80% -90% -100%
Lamp CCF <1.6
Low frequency operating frequency
Ambient temperature for full load operation 40℃
Cabinet temperature rise (Δt) ) 30 ℃
Ballast IP rating IP20
Dimensions 245 x 114 x 81 mm
Weight 2.5kg


Bulb CMH 315 WK 3.100 for growth and flowering

Power: 315W
Color Temperature: 3100K
Light intensity>37000lm
PAR >510umol/s


DAISY is an umbrella reflector made of a highly reflective film with great mechanical resistance.
Its umbrella profile has a diameter of 80cm capable of guaranteeing very high uniformity of lighting on the cultivation surface, increasing the luminous efficiency by 40% compared to a traditional reflector. the light emitted by the lamp does not irradiate the plants directly but indirectly, in fact it is the light reflected by the large umbrella reflector; in this way it is possible to position the reflector closer to your crops without creating excessive heat points.
The screen is wired with a 4.5 meter cable terminating in a male IEC plug-in connection.


 Thermal protection in the lamp holder;
 compatible with HPS lamps up to 600W
 cable length 4.50 m with IEC connection

 height 40 cm
diameter 80 cm

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