HPS 600w Agro Sylvania GroXpress dimmable BOLT Lighting Kit


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HPS 600w Agro Sylvania GroXpress dimmable BOLT Lighting Kit

Lighting kit with dimmable electronic ballast complete with HPS Agro type lamp with light spectrum for the entire growth and flowering cycle of the plant. 120x120cm lighting surface, plant bulb distance 50/60cm.

The kit consists of:

Dimmable electronic ballat 600W

Bolt is a digital ballast designed to optimize energy consumption and protect the lighting system in our indoor cultivation. On the one hand, this ballast has software that controls the power it sends to the bulb at all times, regulating the energy that is emitted in real time. Thanks to this we can gradually start our lighting system, so as to avoid overloads and protect the circuits. To this it should be added that the Bolt is equipped with a random switching system that turns on the bulb in a period of 30 seconds from when we plug it in. Thanks to this innovation it is difficult to turn on two lamps at the same time and maximum intensity peaks in electricity consumption will be avoided.

  • Voltage: 220Vac
  • Amps: 2.86A
  • Effective power: 630W.
  • Measurements: 320x123x86cm
  • Potentiometer Options: SC-600w-75% -50%
  • Weight: 4kg.

The computerized treatment of the electricity that the lamp receives ensures that the efficiency of the system reaches optimal levels. Furthermore, it protects the bulb of our lighting system, as its hot lamp detection system will avoid damage to the bulb in the event of a power failure.

Its potentiometer transforms it into an adjustable ballast, allowing you to vary the output power according to need, saving energy when the plants are small and do not require a lot of light. Both the material and the way the outer casing is designed allow for greater waste heat dissipation, offering a lower operating temperature without the need for cooling by noisy, inconspicuous fans.

The Bolt 600W is particularly interesting for use in indoor growers and standard-sized cabinets.


  • Ignition software
  • Intelligent circuit protection software
  • Soft start technology
  • Automatic frequency adjustment
  • Hot lamp detection
  • Ventilation system without internal fans
  • Totally silent operation
  • High quality waterproof housing
  • High energy efficiency
  • Compact design

      -600w Agro K 2.100 Sylvania GroXpress bulb

      -Stuco hammered reflector with mounted E40 ceramic lamp holder

      -Ballast/Lamp connection cable

      -Cable with socket

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