HPS 600w Agro Cooltube 150/490 Lighting Kit

Lamp: Grow-Bloom

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HPS 600w Agro Cooltube Lighting Kit 150mm x 490mm

Complete lighting kit with HPS Agro type lamp with light spectrum for the entire growth and flowering cycle of the plant. 120x120cm lighting surface with the Cooltube cooling system you can keep the lamp much closer to the top of the plants obtaining a much better result.

It improves the lighting depth by 20/40%, allowing a significantly larger flowering volume and allowing the light to reach even lower areas in an always effective way.

If you don't have a vacuum cleaner, combine this product with the 150 Suction Kit .

The kit consists of:

Ballast HPS/MH 600W

  • Power 600W
  • Frequency: 50hz
  • Voltage 230V

      Available bulbs :

      Cooltube 150/490 reflector with reflective wings made of glass tube with hammered aluminum reflector and equipped with E40 lamp holder

      2m Ballast/Lamp connection cable

      1.5m cable with plug

      24 hour timer

      Pulleys for Cooltube reflector

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