LED Board M08 100w

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LED Board M08 100w

LED Board M08 100w lighting system

The new M08 100W is a Full Spectrum unit with an excellent combination of Samsung LM 281B 2835 3000K and 5000K + deep red 660nm diodes.

This new 100w full spectrum basic LED system has an excellent combination of Samsung LM 281B 2835 3000K and 5000K + intense red 660nm diodes.

-5000K: Useful for the vegetative phase from germination to the first weeks.

-3000K: Essential for the entire life cycle from germination with particular effectiveness in the flowering phase.

Intense red 660nm: Specifically designed for the flowering period, it stimulates development and yield production increased by the combination with 3,000K

The intense red is typical of professional products and represents one of the pluses of this new line of LEDs.

The working distance will depend on the area to be covered, the number of plants, their genetics and their conditions. There is no exact working distance. Start about 50cm apart. Finish at about 30cm maximum.

  • ideal for surfaces measuring 80x80 cm
  • angle of 120
  • passive dissipation
  • Quick and easy installation and assembly
  • Ideal for starting
  • Low consumption
  • Samsung LM281B 2835+red 660nm diodes
  • full spectrum
  • optimal spectrum; 3000K + 5000k + Red 660nm

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