Phytolite Quadra LED 200W


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Phytolite Quadra LED 200W

Quadra 200 has been carefully designed to efficiently illuminate your plants even in the peripheral areas of your growing area. Its original design allows it to be used both in single grow boxes of limited, medium and large dimensions, and in medium and large cultivation chambers (clustering).

From germination to flowering
The emission spectrum is complete and can accompany plants from germination to flowering.
The diodes used are of an excellent brand and guarantee an absolutely efficient consumption/emissions ratio.

Output intensity adjustment
It optimizes consumption and gives the possibility of using the lamp also for germination and during the first weeks of the plant's life without having to place it far from the shoots.

Original and effective design
to guarantee robustness without sacrificing compactness
The quadra profile is particularly small and this allows it to be positioned, if necessary, even very high, close to the ceiling of the grow box or grow room. The weight is also particularly low and therefore does not need to be anchored to particularly sturdy supports. However, make sure that the anchoring points to the ceiling or to the grow box are sufficiently solid.

We recommend using the supplied pulleys which allow for easy vertical positioning with quick and simple height adjustments.

NB: Remember to leave the dimming control on the most comfortable side, i.e. facing the threshold of the grow box.
Normal ventilation of the grow box/room is sufficient to ensure optimal cooling of Quadra.
At this point you are ready, you have correctly installed your Quadra(s) and you can start.

Germinate your seeds as recommended by your retailer and use Quadra carefully in the first few weeks. Not only is it not necessary to give maximum emissions to young shoots, but this also causes a waste of electricity and could even damage them. We recommend positioning Quadra at least 50cm using low emission (approximately 25% dimming).

As the shoots grow, you can gradually increase emissions and always observe your plants. Cases in which shoots can be damaged by too much light intensity are rare, but possible. Also take care that the seedlings do not "strain" or stretch too much. This is indicative of low light. In this case you will have to increase emissions or move Quadra closer to the peaks.

When the plants have taken on an intense green color you can increase the emission to the maximum and/or bring Quadra closer to the buds. The recommended distance from the tops is, depending on the plants and their size, between 30 and 90cm.

When the plants begin to flower, you can, always with care and frequent visual checks, bring Quadra up to 15/20 cm from the tops.
Be careful when spraying liquid products on the leaves: droplets of water could become small lenses which, passing through them, could damage the plants. We recommend spraying, if necessary, only with the lamps turned off (This applies to all lamps, not just Quadra).

Recommended area 100×100 cm
Adjustable power Yes
Recommended distance from plant tops 30-90cm
External controller (1 to 15 units) Rj11 Controller (sold separately)
Quantity of manageable plants (based on size) from 1 to 4 (depending on size)
Equivalence with HPS lamps 400W
Warranty 3 years


Samsung 3000K 288pcs
Samsung 5000K 240pcs
Sanan 660 nm 96pcs
IR 730 nm 12pcs
UV 395 nm 12pcs


Efficiency 2.7
Diet Meanwell Driver
Weight of the device 4.03 kg
Device size 54cm x 54cm x 3.6cm
Thermal management Passive
Duration/life 30000 hrs
Input power Autosensing 100-277V
Absorbed power 200W
Amperage 0.87 – 2.4 A
PCB Board Thickness 1.6mm
PCB Board Support/Cooling Thickness 4 mm

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