LED QLed 240 V2 240W

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LED QLed 240 V2 240W

QLed V2 LED lighting system

QLed V2 with its 4 different models is very suitable for the self-sufficient grower covering all growing areas - from small spaces of 0.5 m2 to long extensions connecting multiple lighting fixtures.

The QLed V2 range with its various models and features is perfect for combining with cultivation growboxes of every size and type on the market.

With the QLed V2 system it is possible to cover surfaces ranging from 60 x 60 cm (150W), 80 x 80 cm (240W), 100 x 100 cm (320W), up to 120 x 120 cm (420W).

The luminaire includes a practical continuous gradual manual adjustment of the light intensity.

It can also be operated with an external controller (not included) providing even more functions and versatility to the appliance, such as sunrise and sunset, reduction of intensity in case of overheating or total shutdown in case of emergency.

The device is light and completely dispenses with moving parts, so it works in total silence.

The light spectrum of the QLed V2 range is complete, suitable for the entire cultivation cycle from germination to harvest, ensuring optimal development of the plant from start to finish.

    Technical characteristics QLed 240 V2:

    • - Dimensions: 450 x 450 x 43 mm
    • - Weight: 4.5kg
    • - Input voltage: 100-277V, AC
    • - Consumption: 240 W
    • - Power factor: >0.90
    • - Protection against humidity: IP 65
    • - LED: Samsung LMB281+ PRO (896 units), Honglitronics SMD3535 (48 units)
    • - Efficiency: 2.7 mol/J
    • - Color: White 4000K + Red 660nm
    • - Beam angle 120º
    • - Spectrum: full
    • - Control: Compatible with all 0 to 10V signal controllers
    • - Operating temperature: -25ºC to 35ºC

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