Ona Block Apple Crumble 170g


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ONA Block is a small and discreet odor killer. It is ideal for use in small environments such as bathrooms, kitchenettes, closets, cars....etc.ONA Block will release its powerful neutralizing odor, keeping the place completely free of unpleasant odors. ONA is composed of a complex formula of essential oils based on Terpenes. Terpenes are biomolecules present as main constituents of the resins of many plants. They are extremely volatile and once released into the air they have the natural ability to neutralize organic odor molecules of any nature, replacing them with their very pleasant scents. It is safe to use near people, animals and plants.


DOMESTIC USE simply unscrew or pierce the lid, depending on the intensity of neutralization you wish to obtain. USE IN THE PRESENCE OF CARBON FILTERS. extract the product from the container, work it to make it malleable and place it on the bottom inside the activated carbon filter.

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