Plagron Vita Race

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Plagron Vita Race

Plagron Vita Race is an organic foliar fertilizer and growth stimulator during the growth phase and the first four weeks of the flowering phase.

Contains specific plant hormones to stimulate growth and flowering. Increases resistance, shortens crop duration and stimulates sprouting. It contains natural hormones for the growth and flowering phase and exerts a stimulating effect throughout the entire cycle. Its action is extremely varied: cytokinin increases the amount of chlorophyll in the leaf. The result is a higher sugar content in the leaves. Plants stay green longer, have greater resistance, produce more shoots and buds and therefore more fruit. The use of Plagron Vita Race causes a film to form on the leaves and protects the plant from drying out. Active substances contained in the product: Amino acids, microelements, minerals, growth and flowering hormones.


    • Stimulates and accelerates plant growth and flowering.

    • Increases resistance.

    • Provides protection against high concentrations of salts.

    • Protects the plant from dehydration.

    • Stimulates the production of chlorophyll.

    • Stimulates branching and fruit formation.


INDOOR : Dilute 5 ml in 1 liter of water. Sprinkle the solution generously by spraying it on the leaves of the plant every week. OUTDOOR : 1 ml per square meter. Do not apply the product when it rains, Phyt-Amin would be washed off the leaves.

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