Plagron Vita Start

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For natural yet explosive vegetative growth, Plagron has found a combination of organic enzymes, trace elements and growth stimulators.

The combination of these elements promotes the production of growth-stimulating substances by the plant itself.

Used in moments of greatest need, the results are visible immediately.

The amino acids contained in Vita Start promote fast cell reproduction in plants, which results in an increase in plant volume, more lateral branches being produced (which means a greater harvest) and a greater volume and strength of the root system. In addition to this there are also trace elements that speed up the development of natural hormones, your plants will grow faster than you can imagine.

To promote root development, Plagron Vita Start must be administered precisely when the plant is dedicated to this phase; if, on the other hand, you want to obtain more inflorescences, the plant should be sprayed with Vita Start shortly before the formation of the flowers: using Plagron Vita Start you can increase the yield by 10% up to 25%.

Plagron Vita Start is also ideal when used with cuttings: this forms a larger and stronger root system. When used on mother plants, many new lateral branch exits are formed while at the same time keeping the roots very healthy.

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