Activated Carbon Filter 480 mc/h 500 mm - Flange 150 mm


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Activated Carbon Filter 480 mc/h 500 mm - Flange 150 mm

Activated carbon filter, eliminates odors from the cultivation area. This filter has a metal body, an outlet of 150 mm in diameter, 500 mm in length and a filtering capacity of 480 m3/h.

Activated carbon is a material whose main constituent is amorphous carbon and which is characterized by a highly porous structure. Precisely this characteristic means that a large surface of activated carbon comes into contact with the air during filtering, which occurs thanks to the strong absorbent capacity of this material.
Thanks to this physical process, coal is able to retain within it almost all the organic molecules (such as those of odors) and non-organic molecules present in the air.

Activated carbon filters consist of a hollow external "cartridge" closed on one side and equipped with a neck (or flange) on the other side which allows it to be connected to the flexible ducts. The walls of the cartridge have a cavity which is filled with activated carbon.

When the filter is inserted inside the suction system and then connected to an extractor, the air is forced to pass through the carbons which clean it of unpleasant odors and polluting or harmful particles.


Capacity: 480 m3/h

Height: 500mm

Connection flange: 150 mm

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