CMH Plus 600W 3,000 K. E40 connection

Power: 600W

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600W CMH cultivation lamp with E40 socket 3,000 K

Innovations in horticultural lighting enable the production of bulbs with a superior spectral distribution compared to conventional bulbs.

The 600W CMH lamp achieves a broad color spectrum that is not achieved with HPS or MH bulbs, resulting in a light more similar to natural sunlight that provides healthy plants, loaded with cannabinoids and essential oils.

It is compatible with 600W high intensity discharge lamp ballasts such as those used for HPS and MH lamps without the need for adapters.

This CMH / LEC lamp can be used with normal reflectors as it has a screw cap (E40).

Works with 600W electronic and electromagnetic ballasts.


    • lumens: 90000

    • color temperature: 3000K

    • available power: 600 W

    • Connection: E40

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