LAZERLITE - Dimmable Electronic Ballast (250W/400W/600W/660W Superlumen)


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LAZERLITE - Dimmable Electronic Ballast (250W/400W/600W/660W Superlumen)

The Lazerlite dimmable electronic ballast is safe and reliable. This professional dimmable ballast allows, without changing the lamp, to change the power consumption of the lamp with a proportional decrease in radiation capacity. It also has the superlumens position which allows you to increase the maximum light power by 10%.

The Ballast Lazerlite has a thermal protection, a misfire protection and is protected against short circuit, in order to increase safety in the grow room installation. The maximum distance between the lamp and the Lazerlite ballast can be 15 meters. It works in a temperature range of -30° to 50°C. This ballast can be used with all MH and HPS lamps on the market.


    • Fast ignition: allows you to have all the possible output from the bulb in less than a minute, compared to the 5 required by a traditional power supply;

    • Thermal protection;

    • Protection against misfire;

    • Short circuit protection;

    • Compact and lightweight design;

    • Longer life of the bulbs;

    • Suitable for lighting HPS and MH bulbs;

    • Higher lumen output with the Super Lumen function.

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