CoolTube reflector 150 mm/490 mm (250/400/600W)


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CoolTube reflector 150 mm/490 mm (250/400/600W)

Cooltube Reflector – 155mm/490mm. Made of glass tube with hammered aluminum reflector and equipped with E40 lamp holder. Its physical shape allows direct or indirect connection (via a flexible hose not supplied) to the aspirator, which therefore allows the air sucked in to be conveyed inside it to then be expelled outside the cultivation area. This leads to a continuous cooling of the bulb and therefore makes it possible to bring the cool tube closer to the plants by decreasing the distance from the tops and therefore increasing the efficiency of the bulb both in terms of light (the distance can go from 50-60 cm to 20- 30 cm and therefore much more light used) both in terms of duration, since the bulb will have a longer life thanks to continuous cooling.

  • Reinforced glass
  • Super resistant thermoplastic flanges
  • E40 connection
  • For 250W 400W 600W bulbs
  • Measurements: diameter 150 mm length 490 mm

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