Titan Growbox Version 2.0 100x100x200cm


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Titan Growbox Version 2.0 100x100x200cm

The new Titan version 2.0 grow box is airtight and allows greater control of parameters such as temperature, humidity or the light provided by the lighting system of our indoor cultivation system. Titan grow boxes are equipped with all the extras necessary to facilitate any type of installation, while maintaining a competitive price.

The internal part is packaged in a canvas coated with diamond-cut 400D Mylar reflective material which optimizes the function of the chosen reflector. It features an anthracite black exterior finish.

The structure is easily assembled and rests on a system of 14 mm metal tubes covered in epoxy resin which increases its durability and which are connected to each other via resistant 3 or 4-way corner joints. Furthermore, it has upper bars to easily hang extraction systems or reflectors.

The new Titan Version 2.0 grow box is equipped with various inlets and outlets for the placement of ventilation ducts and is equipped with a practical internal container for storing frequently used tools, such as measuring instruments.


Dimensions: 100 x 100 x 200 cm
Volume: 2 m3
Reflective material: 400D diamond-cut Mylar
Mounting system: 14 mm metal tubes coated in epoxy resin with 3 or 4 way connectors.

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