Secret Jardin DS150 3.0 Dark Street 150X150X200 cm


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The fourth generation of the DARK ROOM enriched with brand new standard accessories and improvements in the materials used to offer better organization of the tools, maximum performance and comfort.


  • - Number of openings: 1 Front
  • - Extraction sleeve: 1 pc diameter 20cm
  • - Introduction sleeve: 1 pc diameter 20cm
  • - Cable sleeve: 1pc diameter 7.6cm
  • - Natural ventilation windows: 1 with dimensions 20x30cm
  • - Cooltube sleeves: 2 with 20cm diameter
  • - lined with MYLAR 190T with high reflection coefficient.
  • - metal structure with a diameter of 16mm is more resistant corners.
  • - Equipped with air intakes for the aspirator and the introducer as well as mesh surfaces for natural ventilation.
  • - Waterproof pot tray.


  • - Space Booster internal frame to keep the growroom more rigid and support the WebIT plant net.
  • - WebIT measurement.
  • - CableIT to organize a safe and solid positioning of electrical cables 15 pieces.
  • - PoketIT practical bag for conveniently hanging accessories such as thermo-hygrometers, pH&EC meters and other elements present in the 1-piece growroom.
  • - StrapIT comfortable bands to hold filters or other elements that must be hung on the upper bars 1 piece.
  • - HookIT hooks for accessories
  • - The number of vents has been increased and these have been enlarged in size.

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