SPECTRUM GROW - CMH 315 W ballast power supply


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Ballast power supply CMH 315 W

Excellent quality thermomagnetic transformer. Developed by Italian engineers to make the most of the lamp's power and increase the light intensity, for better flowering.

It can be used with sodium vapor lamps and metal halide lamps, therefore adaptable to all types of Hps/Mh bulbs. Capacitor included to re-phase the power line to optimize consumption. Thermal protection for greater safety in case of short circuit or overload. Energy saving compared to all other electromagnetic transformers available on the market. Higher light intensity for lush flowering.


  • Power absorbed: 315 W.
  • Voltage: 240V 60Hz.
  • Absorption: 1.8A/230V.
  • Power factor: >0.90.
  • Max lamp ballast distance 2m.
  • EEI class: A2.

Excellent design, compact, easy to connect.

Guaranteed for 2 years.

Made in Italy.

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