SUNFLOWER - Trimmer + Original Grid


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SUNFLOWER - Trimmer + Original Grid

The Sunflower Baby Trimmer is a vegetable cleaning machine developed and built to guarantee quick and precise operations. The support frame is made of anodized aluminum profiles joined by special joints while the trimmer cutting shelf is in polished stainless steel to facilitate cleaning and maximum hygiene in cleaning operations.

The unique design of the Baby Trimmer ensures quick and effective cutting of leaves. Plug in the machine, connect a common vacuum cleaner to the trimmer and you're ready! Thanks to a strong suction the leaves are easily cut. The Baby Trimmer is supplied in the ORIGINAL GRID version with a cutting grid that combines maximum suction power with the optimal size of the openings for fast and uniform cutting of the leaves. The Original Grid is the most versatile choice, but it is still possible to mount 2 more different cutting shelves. In fact, Sunflower Trimmer introduces an innovative system of interchangeable cutting grids; the Double Grid and the Hybrid Grid are available as accessories. The DoubleGrid is equipped with smaller openings. The size of the openings ensures comfortable cutting of the flowers and at the same time protects even the smallest flowers from damage. The Hybrid Grid is a unique combination of original grille and double grille. With this grid you can cut flowers from the smallest to the largest size. The Baby Trimmer is robust, compact, lightweight and easily transportable thanks to the travel bag included in the package. In order to work, the Baby Trimmer must be connected to a vacuum cleaner bin, the textile connector for the optional connection of the suction hose is positioned next to the motor.

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    • Dimensions: 35x33x22 cm

    • Weight: 10.1kg

    • Power absorbed: 100W

    • Made in EU

    • Input voltage: 230V

    • Frequency: 50Hz

    • Output Power: 35W

    • Cutting blade speed: 1390 rotations per minute

    • Cutting load: approximately 5kg/h

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