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Terpinator is a super additive with a terpene booster effect designed to stimulate and increase the concentration of terpenes in plants with consequent improvement in taste and odor.

After years of studies and research dedicated to improving crops, the team of professional growers obtained Terpinator which enhances the taste and aroma of each plant by increasing the aromatic component, the terpenes, which form the basis of the construction of the essential oils present in most part of the flowers and plants.
Terpinator is always used throughout the entire life phase of the plant, from vegetation to flowering.

Terpinator usage:

  • Initial stages Growth: 1.5/3ml of product per liter of water administered
  • Flowering phase: 3/9ml of product per liter of water administered

The Ph of Terpinator is neutral and can therefore be used with any type of substrate

How Terpinator works on plants:

-After administration it is directed towards the plant cells in contact with the epidermal layer of the plant

-Terpinator is then collected in vegetal cells and transported to storage via bioosmotic enhancers while awaiting use

-The ability of plants to produce glandular sites is stimulated and improved by Terpinator which, being immediately available, is used as an element in the constitution of secondary metabolites.

-Terpinator therefore produces as a supplier of building blocks necessary for both secondary metabolites and trichome counts.

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