TRIMPO - Trimmer Original


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TRIMPO - Trimmer Original

The Trimpro Original is an effective and very quiet trimmer. It is used to remove excess leaves and sprigs from several types of plants and flowers such as rosemary, oregano, basil, mint, lavender, coriander and parsley, as well as in preparation for the extraction of essential oils and mixed flower clippings.

The hardened steel blade makes a clean cut without damaging the plant. The Trimpro Original is equipped with a leaf recovery system and can be quickly dismantled for easy transport. Trimbox products are designed for trimming fresh produce.

Product available to order, shipping 15g


Machine: 46x46x70h cm
Packaging: 53x53x30.5h cm

Approximate weight: 13.6kg 
Frame and grill material: aluminum


To cut, take a branch of a freshly harvested plant in your hand and move it across the rack in a back-and-forth motion while rotating the plant at the same time.


    • Never put your fingers, gloves or other parts of your body in contact with the grill or blade.

    • Never apply pressure on the grill.

    • Do not use scissors, knives or other tools on the grill.

    • Safety glasses and gloves are required at all times.
      Gloves need to be tight enough so they don't get into the grill slots.

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