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Large Oil Extraction Pipe.

With this Oil Extractor, you can quickly and easily extract the finest and most potent concentrated oils from flowers and other plant material (e.g. leaf scraps).

This extractor works using butane gas. We still recommend using Dexso as it is less explosive, non-toxic and much more efficient.

Extraction should only be done outdoors or in very well ventilated areas and away from all heat sources:


Fill the extraction container without force with well-dried and chopped plant material. Close it, the rubber ring provides the necessary seal.

Place the can of Dexso and let the solvent flow into the extractor. Soon the liquid extract begins to flow out the other side, filtered beforehand through the replaceable screen. Don't forget to place a sufficiently large and temperature-resistant bowl, preferably made of silicone suitable for the purpose.

After about 24 hours, the valuable sticky concentrate can be scraped off.

Due to this type of extraction, the extraction container becomes extremely cold and usually requires the use of protective gloves. This extractor is then covered with a non-slip silicone protective cover. However, for safety reasons we strongly recommend wearing protective glasses during the entire process! When the gas cylinder is completely emptied, you must wait at least 30 seconds before removing the empty cylinder from the extractor. To clean, first remove any remaining plant material from the extractor and then wash it in the dishwasher.


Length 56 cm

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