Advanced Nutrients Tarantula

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Advanced Nutrients Tarantula

Tarantula is a compound rich in microorganisms that keeps your roots healthy by thickening and branching them. It contains approximately 10 million viable bacteria per gram , making it by far the strongest of its kind.

The roots of your plants are the key to getting the most size and quality from your crop.

Benefits of Tarantula:

  • Break down organic matter to create supplemental nutrition for your plants
  • Maximize plant growth rates and yields
  • Maximize nutrient absorption and mineral solubility
  • Improve phosphorus availability and improves conversion of atmospheric nitrogen to plant-available nitrogen

To ensure Tarantula's very long shelf life and superior profitability, its microbes are put into hibernation with an "antagonist" compound, which keeps the microbes dormant until they mix in a reservoir of nutrients and the antagonist is diluted.

As soon as the antagonist is diluted, Tarantula microbes will immediately emerge from dormancy, rapidly replicating, enveloping and penetrating the roots.

Tips from experienced growers:

By combining Voodoo Juice (microbes), Piranha (mushrooms) and Tarantula you get the healthiest nutrients for your roots and most productive plants possible.

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