Algas Gel Roots Rooting Hormone Gel 30 ml


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Algas Gel Roots Rooting Hormone Gel 30 ml

Alas Gel Roots is a rooting agent in gel format, particularly suitable for cuttings, formulated to ensure correct rooting, improve root development, obtain a high number of rooted cuttings and ensure rapid growth.


Apply by immersion of the lower 2 cm of the cut. Place the necessary product in a container and immerse the lower part of the cuttings for 1 or 2 seconds then place the cutting in the substrate to root.
Throw away the remaining product.
Do not immerse the cut in the original container to avoid contaminating the product. Respect the forms of use, excess product can be harmful

Mode of action:

- Root absorption.
- It is a totally biodegradable product that has no residues in the fruit after application.

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