Bionova Soil Mix 50lt


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Bionova Soil Mix 50lt

Vegan light mix

100% vegan soil lightly fertilized – 50L – NPK 7-3-3 + 2 MgO

Pre-fertilized premium potting soil substrate
Bionova Bio Soilmix is ​​an excellent organic pre-fertilizer soil that contains only vegan raw materials. It consists of chopped and sieved green compost, black peat, blonde peat and a vegan fertilizer with specific additives. The mix is ​​packaged in 50 liter recyclable plastic bags and is ready for use. The included fertilizer is sufficient for 1-2 weeks depending on the plant and pot size. After that a liquid fertilizer should be used, we recommend Bionova Soil Supermix! This mix is ​​of a sublime quality and keeps its quality and airiness for a long period. Bionova Bio Soilmix is ​​a mix of sublime quality, it maintains its airiness for a long period and is free of chemical substances and of animal origin.

What is Bio Soilmix:

Bio Soilmix contains: chopped and sifted green compost, black peat, blonde peat, Perlite, Bacillus amyloliquefaciens and vegan organic fertilizer: 2 MgO


black peat 7.0% organic nitrogen (N)
blonde peat 3.0% organic phosphorus (P)
organic compost 3.0% organic potassium (K)
Perlite 2.0% organic magnesium (Mg)
3.0 Kg vegan organic fertilizer + 2 MgO per Derived from:
m³ (produced in Holland) green compost (vegetable origin)
potassium from pomace
rock phosphate
magnesium rock
pH = 6.0
EC = 0.8

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