Can filters Odor filter 1000 m3/h 750 mm - Flange 315 mm


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Can filters Odor filter 1000 m3/h 750 mm - Flange 315 mm

The 315 mm Can-Filters professional activated carbon filter has a flow rate of 1000 m3/h. Very useful for eliminating odors, it can be connected via duct to the extractor and possibly to the Cooltube reflector.
The activated carbon inside the filter captures the odors of the air coming out of the grow room.

The first activated carbon filter. The Original Can-Filter® was designed to control odors, but also harmful gases, paint fumes, hydrocarbons etc.
Created on a tested design and composed of activated carbon pellets, this line of filters is a classic that guarantees long life, maximum safety and high performance.


Capacity: 1000 m3/h

Height: 750mm

Connection flange: 315 mm

The filter must be replaced when you start to smell it. The average duration is 18 months.

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