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CANNA Expanded Clay

Canna expanded clay is created with highly professional material, widely used in hydroponics . Thanks to its composition it is able to optimally manage the humidity present in the soil. For this reason, when growing with soil, there is a tendency to mix expanded clay in quantities that improve the water potential of the soil.

Compared to other common clays, the expanded clay of the Canna company has passed strenuous tests to receive the prestigious RHP certification which guarantees the purchase of high quality products.

Clay being porous, allows oxygen to accumulate which is introduced into the roots of the plant, thus ensuring strong and healthy growth. Like other types of expanded clay, having a clay substrate prevents the development of mold.

CANNA expanded clay is made up of cooked clay granules ( diameter 8/16 mm )


We recommend using Canna clay with fertilizers from the same parent company: Aqua Vega and Aqua Flores during the first flowering phase of the plant.

If hydroponic cultivations are used, before any use of Canna clay, it would be optimal to wash the granules with water, in order to eliminate all impurities present externally.

If you use potted crops it is preferable to fill the bottom with 4 centimeters of expanded clay, so as to avoid water stagnation.

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