Cbweed CBD Oil 30%


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Cbweed CBD Oil 30%

the high-quality CBD aroma oils, with hemp oil , of olive , of black cumin and coconut.

For MCT oil we mean a particular chemical composition of the carrier oil, namely that of Medium Chain Triglycerides, which favors thermogenesis and therefore greater reactivity of the metabolism. These medium-chain triglycerides are commonly added to pure coconut oil, which is why we chose it as the basis of this innovative formulation of our Aromatic oil with 30% CBD.

The golden oil, sold in practical bottles with droppers, is not psychoactive and like other aromatic oils with hemp or olive oil, contains CBD oil extracted with an exclusive CO2 process which eliminates the vegetal part while retaining the greatest quantity of cannabinoids possible.

CBD aroma oils are one of the most potent derivatives on the market, among those that do not contain CBD crystals.

There are no artificial preservatives in our pure extracts, but the presence of coconut oil counteracts the natural deterioration of the beneficial properties of CBD oils. However, we recommend keeping the bottle in a cool environment, away from light and heat sources.

Product intended for topical use.
Cosmetic product not intended for oral use.


THC 0%

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