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CBD Oil 5% Drops

CBD Aroma Oil 5% is one of the most potent versions available on the European market today, which does not use CBD crystals. This product offers users the best value for money, with high concentrations of beneficial CBD. CBD oil is non-psychoactive, and is processed to retain as many effective cannabinoids as possible.

Additionally, the 5% oil undergoes a unique steam distillation process in laboratories in Switzerland to maximize the terpene content. Terpenes have been the subject of great interest in the scientific community, and are often seen as the next step in CBD supplements.

5% CBD oil is derived from European product, without the use of fertilizers or chemical additives. Our products are rigorously tested to guarantee a total absence of unnatural chemical contents. The raw plant matter is processed using clean extraction techniques, which while extracting the cannabinoids eliminate all unnecessary plant matter and contaminants.

Since we never use non-natural preservatives in our oils, it is best to store the products tightly closed in cool places away from light.

Product for technical use. It is not a food, medicinal or combustion product.
Keep out of reach of children. THC values ​​lower than legal limits.

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