Cultilite HPS Agro 600 W

Power: 600W

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Cultilite HPS Agro 600 W

The color with a 2100°K light spectrum is the most suitable for the development of the plant and corresponds to that of Agro lamps.
Complete cycle: it can be used successfully throughout the entire life of the plant even if it gives its best during the flowering or fruiting phase.

*High light power
*Better quality of the light emitted
*High PAR radiation emissions

Technical features:

Watts: 600w
Voltage: 220-240V
Current: 6.2A
Luminous flux: 75,000 lm
Light efficiency: 125 lm/W
Color temperature: 2100K
Lifespan: 24,000 hrs
Attack: E-40
Ignition: 4/5 kVs
Input: 620 mA

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