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Dinafem Seeds Amnesia CBD

Amnesia CBD is a feminized marijuana seed from Dinafem Seeds that was designed to bring the qualities of Original Amnesia closer to all consumers, whether regular or occasional. Original Amnesia is a difficult dish to digest, certainly not suitable for all diets, but this light version resulting from the cross between Original Amnesia and a Pure CBD can easily be served on any menu. Indeed, its balanced and energizing effect distances itself from the euphoric power of its predecessor and its levels of cannabidiol guarantee a controlled sensation. For the rest, however, a real Sativa is not very different: it is a very showy plant from both an olfactory and visual point of view.


Although crossing with an elite CBD clone reduced its Sativa hegemony by 40%, Amnesia CBD still remains a Sativa-dominant cannabis variety, i.e. tall and with an open structure. The advantages? Light and air easily reach every part of the plant, minimizing humidity problems and infusing the buds with energy. And here are the disadvantages: if you intend to grow it discreetly on the terrace or in a small cupboard, this is not the most suitable genetics since it needs a lot of space to develop, after which it will quickly be discovered. The genes of her mother Original Amnesia prevail and, although she does not reach the same height as her, the internodes are still large and she tends to elongate quite a bit.


This is one of the strengths of her mother Original Amnesia and the pattern is repeated with Amnesia CBD, an excellent producer of both resin and buds. And although they are slightly smaller than those of Original Amnesia, Amnesia CBD still offers us large and certainly compact flowers. Regarding resin, lovers of trichome-rich genetics have an unmissable appointment with Amnesia CBD, and also a great challenge: being able to touch it without staining their hands.


Amnesia CBD has a very defined aroma and flavor. As soon as it enters the flowering phase, its Haze component begins to mature and gradually pervades the room. Haze lovers will be largely satisfied with this genetics, which among other things offers a rather original Haze aroma enriched with citrus nuances.


Here's the best part about Amnesia CBD, a transformative sensation in the best sense of the word. The smile muscles receive a sudden stimulus and the facial expression inevitably relaxes and becomes more cheerful. In short, a genetic that instills joy, energy and positivity but with moderate power. While its ancestor took its name from the possible memory losses resulting from its consumption, none of this happens with the version rich in cannabidiol, which keeps THC under control, releasing only the most positive effects, i.e. those that lighten thoughts and foment enthusiasm.


Given its open structure and its tendency to stretch both horizontally and vertically, to grow Amnesia CBD you will need to have a lot of space available (and also anti-odor filters for indoor cultivation). So, don't rush into germinating it before evaluating this aspect because otherwise it won't be able to develop fully.

This large size, however, does not mean a greater need for nutrients, on the contrary. Precisely because the flavor and aroma of this variety are very particular, we strongly recommend not to overdo it with fertilizers so as not to attenuate the action of the terpenes. Standard, constant watering and lighting is what is needed to promote correct growth. As for the vegetative period, three weeks is more than enough, and once flowering has started it will be ready for harvest in 60-65 days.


Sex CBD-Feminized
Genotype 40% Indica / 60% Sativa
Intersection Original Amnesia x CBD
Indoor flowering 60-65 days
Indoor production 550 g/m 2
Outdoor collection Half October
Outdoor production 1100 g/plant
Outdoor height 3 m
THC 8%
CBD 10%
THC/CBD ratio 1:1

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