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The creation of Haze Autoflowering CBD marijuana seeds represented a real challenge for the team of breeders at Dinafem Seeds, an adventure in which we embarked full of enthusiasm: we were about to create the first autoflowering and CBD-rich variety of our catalog! Precisely for this reason, it had to be a very special hybrid, a plant suitable both for filling the medicine cabinet of therapeutic patients and for satisfying the palates of the most demanding Haze lovers. So, we chose parents with great pedigree: Haze XXL Autoflowering and a pure CBD autoflowering. Finally, after a long and scrupulous selection that involved several generations, we managed to establish the lineage of Haze Auto CBD in order to guarantee a high cannabidiol content as well as the extraordinary qualities of this Sativa genetics, and all this accompanied by the speed of car. What more could you ask for?


Haze Autoflowering CBD is a medium/tall sized marijuana plant whose structure resembles that of shrubs, with numerous secondary branches loaded with buds rich in cannabidiol. This is a superior hybrid that has inherited the intense orange pistils of its parent, an unmistakable sign of the best tropical Sativas. And contrary to what one might think about autoflowering genetics, this gem produces few leaves around the flowers, making trimming much easier. A nice relief when it comes to fine-tuning our precious buds!


Haze Autoflowering CBD generates good yields of elongated, resinous buds with a THC/CBD ratio of 1:1. A perfect marijuana seed for those who want to fill their pantry with flowers loaded with cannabidiol.


As much as one might think otherwise, this variety of marijuana maintains the essence of Haze strains, keeping its particular aromatic and gustatory qualities intact. Thus, Haze Autoflowering CBD flowers exude a deep and intense aroma and flavor with notes of Haze and incense. In short, a marked and attractive Sativa flavour, incensed and sweet on the palate, which fans of this genetics will appreciate because it maintains the organoleptic properties that have always characterized it.


Thanks to its THC/CBD ratio (1:1) which offers a mild effect with important medicinal properties, Haze Autoflowering CBD is an excellent alternative to more potent strains. Its high cannabidiol content translates into a relaxing effect that allows you to carry out everyday activities without feeling the characteristic hit of THC-rich strains. And it is also very suitable for therapeutic use, as it has been scientifically proven that CBD can contribute extensively to the treatment of various ailments. In short, an ideal plant to soothe stress and anxiety and also to discover a new way of enjoying cannabis, that is, without the extreme power of THC. For example, if you want to organize a yoga session at home, Haze Autoflorwering CBD is what you need to create some atmosphere.


This genetics is aimed at amateur growers who want to fill their pantry with a good assortment of buds rich in cannabidiol. In fact, Haze Autoflowering CBD is an easy and very undemanding Dinagirl that with a minimum of care and fertilization slightly higher than the standard one (but without exaggerating) grows vigorously giving us excellent harvests with the scent of Haze. She does very well outdoors, particularly in warm climates, and being ready to harvest in just 70 days from planting, she is perfect for impatient growers. However, be careful on city terraces and balconies: due to its Sativa dominance, this champion is very vigorous and reaches very large dimensions. For the rest, it behaves like a good autoflowering: it is fast, easy to grow and likes frequent watering but in small quantities. A good trick to stimulate its potential is to add 30% coconut fiber to the soil mixture, a method which serves to keep the substrate aerated and to accelerate the metabolic processes of the plant and which translates into better overall development and more satisfying end result with more flowers and cannabinoids and a more intense aroma.


Sex CBD-Auto
Genotype 20% Indica / 30% Sativa / 50% Ruderalis
Intersection Haze Auto XXL x CBD Auto
Complete life cycle 70 days
Indoor production 300-500 g/m 2
Outdoor production 25-100 g/plant
Outdoor height 1.2m
THC 7%
CBD 8%
THC/CBD ratio 1:1

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