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Moby Dick CBD is another member of the noble lineage of Moby Dick marijuana seeds. Through this CBD-rich cannabis variety, the result of the cross between a Moby Dick and an elite CBD Crew parent, the breeders at Dinafem Seeds wanted to make all the goodness of the killer whale available to users with reduced tolerance to THC, including its mammoth production capacity, its legendary vigor and, of course, its delicious flavor of lemon, incense and spices, but with less psychoactive aggression.


Like its sisters, Moby Dick CBD is a Sativa-dominant plant, with thin, toothed leaves that promote transpiration, with a long internodal distance that allows the passage of light even to the most internal areas and with considerable vertical and horizontal growth. . So pay attention to any space problems when growing indoors and watch out for your neighbors if you grow outdoors: its penetrating smell and its large size could attract their attention.


In its CBD version, autoflowering or Purple, Moby Dick is and will always be a hyperproductive monster. Her large quantities of dense, resin-filled buds never disappoint and are ideal for commercial growers.


Moby Dick CBD perfectly reproduces the appreciated organoleptic qualities of its lineage, a penetrating aroma of sweet lemon, cedar, incense and spices enriched in this case with a delicious touch of orange coming from its CBD heritage.


The main difference between Moby Dick CBD and the original version lies in this aspect. The 1:3 THC/CBD ratio of this strain significantly reduces the potent psychoactive effects of the original plant, allowing those with reduced THC tolerance to enjoy a lighter, more controlled experience. However, this does not mean that Moby Dick CBD is a non-psychoactive plant. Far from it, its Sativa dominance guarantees a pleasant psychedelic trip with a clear mental effect that ends with a sweet sensation of physical relaxation. The CBD content merely controls the extent of that trip a bit and attenuates other effects of THC such as dry mouth, loss of track of time or hunger pangs. Furthermore, patients who take cannabis for therapeutic reasons will be able to benefit from the anti-inflammatory, antiepileptic, antidepressant or antioxidant power of CBD, among other properties.


Moby Dick CBD is an extremely vigorous and pest-resistant plant, and therefore very advisable for beginners, who will obtain excellent harvests at the end of cultivation without too much effort. Its Sativa nature, characterized by thin leaves and a long internodal distance that promotes transpiration, makes it unbeatable against humidity, avoiding the appearance of fearsome fungi such as Botrytis. Moby Dick CBD is a great choice for growing outdoors in humid and cold climates. Having said that, and as in all cannabis plants on the other hand, the level of results will increase proportionally to the hours of light received, so it is recommended to grow it during the warmest months of the year (from March to October in the hemisphere north and from September to April in the south).

As for fertilization, just like its sisters, Moby Dick CBD is a very greedy plant that requires higher than standard nutrition. In any case, before starting to fill it with nutrients, it is best to observe the phenotype to try to understand the needs of the plant as it grows.

Relative to the jar, Moby Dick CBD will feel comfortable with a capacity between seven and ten liters. Unlike smaller pots (for example, four litres), where the yield could be affected, this size will allow you to take full advantage of this genetics.


Sex CBD-Feminized
Genotype 40% Indica / 60% Sativa
Intersection Moby Dick x CBD Crew
Indoor flowering 70 days
Indoor production 650 g/m 2
Outdoor collection Early October / Mid October
Outdoor production 600-900 g/plant
Outdoor height 3 m
THC 5%
CBD 15%
THC/CBD ratio 1:3

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