Metal hose clamps (100-315 mm)

Diameter: 100 mm

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Metal hose clamps

Metal flange (or metal rim) suitable for holding accessories correctly and having a well-secured space in indoor cultivation. Each of them, available in different sizes depending on the type of accessory you want to fix, has a screw to ensure permanent support.

They are perfect for making joints of flexible aluminum pipes with extractors, carbon filters, for making T-connections or for diameter reductions. Using this flange you can be completely calm as the ventilation connections will be well fixed and the union pipe you made with them will never be released. If you want to ensure a better grip you can use adhesive tape by placing it on the flange or vice versa, put the adhesive tape and then the clamp.

They can be used in any type of indoor growing, whether it be in closets, grow rooms or even greenhouses.

The advantage of this accessory is that it gives you the ability to make changes to your ventilation system by simply loosening them.


    • Made of high quality metal.

    • Screw included to secure the subject.

    • Round shape.

    • Diameter available from 100 mm to 315 mm.

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