Terra Aquatica by GHE Flashclean ex Flora Kleen

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Terra Aquatica by GHE Flashclean ex Flora Kleen

Flashclean , the latest fruit of the Terra Aquatica laboratories, is a solution to be used during the rinsing phases (the last week before harvest), to guarantee the elimination of accumulations of crystallized mineral salts in the substrate and root tissues. The cleaning action of this final solution helps to clean and detoxify the plant from any excess fertilization during flowering, avoiding unpleasant fertilizer residues in the flowers or fruits, which alter their flavour. Also useful for carrying out radical washing during the life cycle of plants, necessary in case of over-fertilisation. Flashclean can be used together with Final part to force flowering.

The 3-part fertilizer concept and the Tripart Series were created 25 years ago for Terra Aquatica by Dr. Cal Herrmann, when he was a water chemistry specialist at NASA, in collaboration with researchers at the University of Davis in California. Today Dr. Herrmann participates in our work and continues to lead our research group.

Tripart Series is an evolutionary and dynamic formula, adapted to the most recent scientific discoveries, it allows you to adjust the nutrition of your plants to their needs, varying the proportions between the liquids and the overall concentration of the nutrient solution. Thanks to this control, you will obtain unparalleled yields.

The action of the Flora Series can be briefly defined as follows:

  • TripartGrow promotes structural development and lush foliage. It also provides the seedling with the vigor it will need to bloom perfectly.

  • TripartBloom : Contributes to the formation of healthy and abundant roots throughout growth. During flowering and fruiting, it stimulates the plant to give the best of its genetic potential to achieve maximum harvest.

    TripartGrow and Tripart Bloom contain silica (in the form of silicic acid) which fights mold and root rot, and at the same time strengthens the structure of your plants.

  • TripartMicro is the basic element of our fertilizer system. It is an exhaustive concentration of oligo and micro-elements in the form of chelates. It also contains major and secondary elements that complement the action of TripartGrow and TripartBloom, and also stabilizers that help maintain the pH of your nutrient solution within an acceptable range of values.

The synergy between these 3 products makes the system prodigious.

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