Grodan Gro-slab rock wool slab


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Grodan Gro-slab rock wool slab

Grodan Gro-Slab is a rock wool slab measuring 92x15x7.5h cm

The Gro-Slab can be used for growing in Libra pots or with trays with timed drip systems. For hydroponic crops it improves the cleanliness levels of hydraulic components and nutrient solutions. It can accommodate up to 5 - 6 plants.

For plants growing outdoors during the midday sun, Gro-Slabs provide a good water buffer, in fact it is considered a wet slab due to its horizontal fibers. It holds more water than other slabs and can support more plants than any other rockwool slab.

Main Features Grodan Gro-Slab:

    • It can be used pure in hydroponic cultivation

    • It offers an optimal ratio between air and water

    • It allows rapid root penetration, guaranteeing strong and vigorous plants

    • Unique hydrophilic fiber structure for water absorption

    • Perfect distribution of water and nutrients

Dimensions 92x15x7.5h cm

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