Grodan Mini-blocks rock wool cubes 4x4x4 cm


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Grodan rock wool germination cubes 4x4x4

Grodan Mini-Blocks are small rock wool cubes measuring 4 x 4 x 4 cm.

Grodan Mini-Blocks can be placed in a tray (flat) without support for easy seed germination and propagation of cuttings. They are individually packaged to minimize algae growth. Each block has virtually identical density, flexibility and strength, ensuring uniform distribution of water, EC and pH to produce a uniform, high-quality system. This promotes the development of a strong root system during propagation. The uniform distribution and vertical structure of the fibers results in the same resistance for each root, thus ensuring that the roots are distributed evenly throughout the block.


Transplanting can be done on any loose support such as Grow-Cubes, or placed directly on a larger Grow-Block. These cubes are popular for hydroponic plant production and are essential for germination in this type of crops.


    • It can be used pure in hydroponic cultivation.

    • It offers an optimal ratio between air and water.

    • It allows rapid root penetration, guaranteeing strong and vigorous plants.

    • Suitable for multi-year use.

    • Unique hydrophilic fiber structure for water absorption.

    • Perfect distribution of water and nutrients.

    • Ideal for growing in potted plants.

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