CMH 315w Agro Daisy Lighting Kit


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CMH 315w Agro Daisy Lighting Kit

Complete kit with CMH Agro type lamp with light spectrum for the entire growth and flowering cycle of the plant. Lighting surface from 80x80cm to 120x120cm plant bulb distance 35 / 40cm.

The kit consists of:

HPS / MH 315w power supply


      • Power absorbed: 315 W.

      • Voltage: 240V 60Hz.

      • Absorption: 1.8A / 230V.

      • Power Factor: >0.90.

      • Max lamp ballast distance 2m.

      • EEI class: A2.

315w bulb CMH Agro which achieves a broad color spectrum that is not achieved with HPS or MH bulbs, resulting in a light more similar to natural sunlight that provides healthy plants, loaded with essential oils. 3,100K color.

Umbrella reflector

Ballast / Lamp connection cable

Cable with socket

New and revolutionary solution, in fact, you will be able to obtain the lighting capacity of a 600w HPS High Pressure Sodium bulb because the light output is better but also saving on consumption. On average, this type of lighting system is able to produce the same lumens as products with higher powers (around 90,000), making it easier to maintain the environmental parameters of temperature and relative humidity. Thus also allowing the reflector to be brought closer. The Daisy 80 umbrella system by Secret Jardin is also designed to adequately distribute the light because, having a circular shape, it adapts in the best way to standard-sized grow boxes. CMH technology stands for Ceramic Metal Halide or ceramic metal halide lamps, also known as LEC, an acronym for Light-Emitting Electrochemical Cell.

For all these reasons, the evolution of lighting systems for indoor cultivation, grow rooms and darkened greenhouses is already adopted by many categories of horticulturalists. Because it significantly increases the replacement times of consumables by doubling because the duration of said components in relation to their efficiency is superior.

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