LED Cree Naked COB 60W 18x3W Complete KIT


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LED Cree Naked COB 60W 18x3W Complete KIT

CREE XTE Full Spectrum COB Module.

Manufactured with CREE LEDs made in the USA. It can be used both as a primary source and as a side/supplementary light.

To be used both in small cultivation growboxes, to illuminate the less exposed areas of the cultivation rooms or in groups for larger installations.

Complete set including all components for plug & grow: components, connection cables, power supplies, heat sink and suspension cables. Also included are extension cables to be used in case of remote positioning of the power supplies (for example outside the grow box) to have only low voltage inside the grow box and operate in total safety.

High-quality CREE LED components made in the USA provide high PAR emissions. The relationship between price and emissions is particularly advantageous.
Good thermal management, warm to the touch, low noise.



  • Packaging dimensions 260x120x110mm
  • Gross weight 0.82 kg
  • Power consumption 60W
  • Input voltage AC100V ~ 265V / 50-60Hz
  • Input current 0.6-0.45A.
  • Total number of LEDs 18
  • Spectrum / Color ratio 3000K
  • CREE-XTE 5W light source
  • Secondary lens 60 degrees
  • Storage Temp. 0°C ~ 40°C
  • Operation Temp - 10°C ~ 45°C
  • Lifespan over 50,000 hours


  • Cree Naked COB 60W 18x3W Complete KIT
  • Estimated monthly cost (electricity used) €5.94
  • HPS 150W equivalent
  • Min. Cultivation area (single lamp) 40x40
  • Maximum cultivation area (single lamp) 60x60
  • Real power absorbed 47W
  • Min / max distance from plants 25/50cm
  • Complete Cycle Cycle (Vegetative and Flowering)
  • Spectrum Full Spectrum 3500K DayLight White
  • Sug. Number of plants (small) 2
  • Sug. Number of plants (average) 1
  • 2 year warranty (product registration required)

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