LED Phytolite Resin Micro 60 QBoard


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LED Phytolite Resin Micro 60 QBoard

PhytoLED Q-Board is a professional line of LED grow light products made with the best electronic components on the market.

SMD technology, Samsung 300K and 660nm red chips, UV and IR radiation combined, offer a full spectrum from vegetative to flowering.

Mean Well dimmable power functions are offered in the high-level products of the range, while non-dimmable and economical boards are offered in the PhytoLED M-Board versions for beginners and small applications.

Passive cooling, silent operation, aluminum frame, ultra-thin design are some of the technical features of this line. Explore the models and find the product best suited to your grow room.

Resina Micro 60 model

PPFD lamp height

  • 15 CM 496 μmol
  • 20 CM 371 μmol
  • 30 CM 227 μmol
  • 40 CM 145 μmol

Effectiveness of PPF 1.9 umol/s

  • PPF (400-700 nm) 89.3 umol/s
  • Spectrum: 3000K/6000K/660nm 9:2:2 tot. 364 pcs
  • LED Brand: Sanan
  • Input power: 47W 220V AC
  • Driver V input: 220V standard
  • Amperage: 2.84A / 220V
  • Heat Dissipation Passive (Fanless)
  • 1.6mm aluminum PCB
  • Dimming No
  • Size 500*250*25
  • Weight 1.73 kg


  • Estimated monthly cost (electricity used *) €5.94
  • Dimmable No
  • Max Grow Area (single lamp) 50x50
  • Real power absorbed 47W
  • Spectrum: Full Spectrum 3500K DayLight White
  • Suggest. Number of plants (small) 1

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