PH Test for Soil 25 Measurements


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PH Test for Soil 25 Measurements

Controlling the pH parameter of your substrate is very important for the success of your cultivation. This pH kit can help you understand whether your soil is suitable or not. With this kit you can take 25 measurements to understand the pH level of the earth.

Why is it important to have the soil at the right pH?
Soil with an incorrect pH cannot provide the right amount of nutrients to your plants. For most green plants and fruit the pH of the soil should be slightly acidic and have a value between 5.8 and 6.8.

How does this soil ph kit work?
1. Take a soil sample (remove stones and crush lumps)
2. Insert it into the test tube together with the powder up to the first line.
3. Add water up to the 4th line (distilled if possible)
4. Shake it well and wait a couple of minutes for it to settle
5. Compare the color of the water with the colors of the pH scale on the package.

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