Plagron Seed Box


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Plagron Seedbox Booster is the ideal starter kit for every grower.

Each set contains a seed tray with a transparent cover, 12 germination discs and a bottle of the exceptional Plagron Booster Seed.

Follow the instructions in the manual in your language and your seeds will germinate and grow into perfect plants.

The Seedbooster is a stimulator for seed germination, it speeds up the emergence of the sprout and significantly improves the development of the plant in its first days of life. This stimulator has a protective anti-rot enzyme that gently penetrates the tough skin of even the toughest seeds.


    • Complete set for safe seed germination

    • Growth kit with transparent lid and disks for 12 seeds

    • Each Seedbox contains 250 ml Seed Booster

    • Manual, included in 12 languages

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