Grow Pot fabric pot (3.8 L to 113.5 L)

Volume: 3.8 L

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Grow Pot Geotextile pot 3.8/113.5 lt

Grow Pot is a high quality geotextile fabric pot. Made of fiber resistant to biological degradation which allows excellent ventilation of the roots.


    • Designed to promote aeration of the root zone, avoiding spiraling of the roots.

    • Creates an air barrier to insulate roots during cold periods. This barrier prevents the root zone from overheating even during the hottest months.

    • Equipped with handles to facilitate the transport of plants.

    • The Grow Pots come in packages in which each fabric pot is conveniently folded to take up minimal space.


    • Made of geotextile fabric resistant to biological degradation.

    • Available in various sizes: 3.8 L; 7.6L; 11.4L; 19L; 26.6L; 37.9L; 56.8L; 75.7L; 94.6L; 113.5 L.

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